Dear Colleagues,

With the blessings of the ALMIGHTY, we are privileged to invite you to the 45TH Annual National Conference ‘TRANSCON- 2020’ scheduled to be held in virtual platform for the first time in India on 27th and 28th Feb 2021; organised by the Tamilnadu Chapter of ISBTI. Tamilnadu is well known for its temples, Tamil literature, unpolluted beaches, the Western Ghats and wildlife, tribal culture, traditional music, dance, handicrafts and handlooms etc.

The theme of our conference is “CHANGING PARADIGM IN TRANSFUSION MEDICINE” shall stimulate the delegates to discuss the new areas as well as the challenges. Definitely the younger generation shall be encouraged to broaden the horizon of Transfusion medicine with a multidisciplinary holistic approach.

The enthusiastic preparation for the event however faced a seemingly insurmountable roadblock, when COVID 19 pandemic struck, and restrictions on movement and gatherings were obvious to contain the spread of the disease.

They say, “Necessity is the mother of invention”. The classic adage has been a source of constant inspiration for the organising team to overcome the challenge in a structured effort. The conference is hence planned to be conducted in the virtual platform, where eminent speakers from across the country will deliberate on various topics, which not only will enrich our understanding, but also provide a unique opportunity to exchange our ideas and thoughts on issues selected for discussion. The postgraduates will be provided with a scope to listen to authorities on subjects and interact with experts on fields of their interest from around the country.

The organizers will make all possible effort to bring to use the state of art communication technology and offer a memorable academic festival, with an amazing virtual networking opportunity. Under this COVID adversity, we see new hope and ocean of possibilities, with a desire to set standards. We heartily welcome you all to “TRANSCON 2020”.

Dr. S. Subash
Organising President

Dr. M Joshua Daniel
Organising Secretary



ISBTI Tamilnadu is a registered Non-Profit Voluntary Organization functioning from 1976 immediately after the formation of the national body in 1976.

Our Vision

“Safe blood should be waiting for the patient... ....not the patient for the safe blood”

Our Mission

"To achieve 100% Voluntary Blood Donation and to attain Quality Standards in Blood Transfusion Services"